Language and Communication
  • English I (1 credit)
    Students will study the integrated approach to language, literature, and writing, using the writing process.  Mechanics, composition and skill development in manipulating word structure, spelling, vocabulary, and listening will be included.  Short stories, novels, plays, and poetry will be read and their components studied.

    Prerequisite:  None

  • English II (1 credit)
    This course will focus on a thematic approach to literature, and integrating the writing process.  Students will study the elements of literature, intensive grammar review and review reading and writing skills along with test taking strategies.  The course will also include reference and research preparation.

    Prerequisite:  English I

  • English III (1 credit)
    American Literature will be emphasized.  In addition, focus will be placed on the development of library and research skills to culminate in a research paper.  Grammar will be reviewed and taught as writing indicates needs.  The works of major American authors, novels, poetry, and drama will be studied.

    Prerequisites:  English I and II

  • English IV (1 credit)
    Students will review grammar as needed.  Students will complete at least one critical analysis paper. Students will study English literature and the history of the English language from the Anglo-Saxon period through the present day.  A major research paper using MLA format will be required. 

    Prerequisites:  English I, II and III

  • Dual Credit English IV (1 credit)
    Students will review grammar as needed, will write critical essays every six weeks, including one major essay on a major novel.  MLA format will be required.  Library research skills will be emphasized in addition to a historical approach to English Literature.  Through an agreement with Northwestern State University of Louisiana, students can earn up to six hours of college English credit while earning a high school English IV credit.  In the fall semester, students will be enrolled in English 1010 and in the spring semester, students will be enrolled in English 1020. 

    Prerequisites:  English I, II,  and III, senior status, ACT composite score of 18 and ACT English score of 18 and $100 tuition per semester for NSU credit.

  • Speech I (1 credit)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This course surveys the various elements of public speaking, interpretive reading, theater, mass media and competitive speech events.

  • Speech II (1 credit)

  • Publications I, II (Yearbook) (1 credit each)Students will study the elements and processes of magazine and book publishing, including the school yearbook.  Emphasis will be on format, organization, selection of materials, and preparation of copy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Prerequisite:  Application submitted